Unique and exclusive sportswear, with a lot of inspiration from urban city street culture.

Swedish design label based in Stockholm. The CEO/designer Isabella Idberg launched the brand in 2011. Every garment is handmade at the studio in Stockholm. Unique and exclusive sportswear, with a lot of inspiration from urban city street culture.

With a thoughtful design process. Isabella focus on the design more than trend, to make sustainable fashion that last for a long time. The pieces in the collections are made to last and match between several seasons. Since every garment is handmade, alterations are always available upon request. The oversized hood is the signature piece for ISABELLA IDBERG.

In 2019 we intensified the importance of taking care of all our left over fabrics from previous collections. As a result of this our C-bag, headband and scrunches were born. This is a very important step for us and something we will keep on doing.

ISABELLA IDBERG was one of the selected brands for Swedish Fashion Talents 2015.


AW 11 PHOTO: Simon Larsson // MODEL: Fanny EricsonSS12 – PHOTO: Robert Lindholm // MODEL: MikasAW12 – PHOTO: Model Lab // MODEL: Model LabSS13 – MODEL: Anna ViklundAW13 – PHOTO: Hanna Richter // MODEL: Sibel RedzepSS14 – PHOTO: Frida Stadell // MODEL: Vendela Swedérus CastenforsAW14 – PHOTO: Nanny Mitchell // MODEL: Jaqueline EnoughSS15 – PHOTO: Nanny Mitchell // MODEL: Felicia SamelandAW15 – PHOTO: Nanny Mitchell // MODEL: Isabelle Wargh & Max NilssonSS16 – PHOTO: Frida Stadell // MODEL: Naomi EspinosaAW16 – PHOTO: Robin Berglund // MODEL: Andrea Laaksonen / Le Management // MUA: Camilla JärvåsAW17 – PHOTO: Frida Stadell // MODEL: Olivia HenrikssonAW17 – PHOTO: Jose Tutes // MODELS: Klaudia Isabella & Albina Gum // HMAU: Bianca PitmanSS18 – PHOTO: André Batista // MODELS: Emina Iman Memic, Hanna Wahlström & Niyat GirmayAW18 – PHOTO: Cristian Gallo, Josefine Persson // MODELS: Emma Johansen, Olivia HenrikssonSS19 – PHOTO: Kolaco Kourouma // MODELS: Alexandra Salomonsson, Jonathan Suarez, Alec OhlakerAW19 – PHOTO: Steve Selman // MODELS: Elaina Canton, Valbona Bakiu/truemodelmgtSS20 – PHOTO: André Batista // MODEL: Hanna HabtezionINSPO AW/SS – PHOTO: Kia Lefwander //MODELS/ARTISTS: Alicia Francke Bocio & Natali NoorPhotos of Isabella: Frida Stadell (Download press images of Isabella Idberg)